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About Me:

As a trained writer, and former page-designer, I knew I was creative.  However, nearly a decade ago, when it came time for my own wedding invitations, I absolutely refused the prepackaged store-bought crap on the market.  I ended up making all of our save-the-date, wedding invitations, wedding favors, and thank you cards all by hand.  I don't mean the kind of cards you print out, fold and mail.  No, these we unlike any other invitations of the time.


In my career as a sales and marketing coordinator for a publisher sales group, I've created countless flyers, mailers, brochures, marketing pieces, and presentations. On the side, I created invitations, brochures and every type of marketing pieces for friends, family and businesses.


When my daughter was born, I no longer had time to dedicate to Anna's INK.  Instead, I turned to writing a blog that I am turning into a book!


Late last year, I was struck with an idea! With my background in publishing sales - specifically calendars,  I should make a calendar to raise funds and awareness for CHARGE Syndrome.  I did every aspect of this project.  I recruited models, designed the calendar, negotiated with printers, created a website, set up e-commerce to sell the calendar,  marketed the calendar using social media, invoiced, shipped, and created metrics of all sales & shipments.  It was a complete sell through and neted a nice profit for the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.  The 2015 edition promises to be even bigger and better, as we have over 60 participants!


Creating that calendar has been a passion of mine.  I would love to take on different foundations looking to create a fun, interesting, different sort of fundraising calendar.  In the meantime, I seek full-time employment, to further my growth, creativity, and skills.

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